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Automated Treatment systems

Every pool and its use is different and water quality requirements vary as temperatures and length of daylight change throughout the year.  Moreover, many pool owners find water testing and treatment frustrating, expensive and time-consuming, especially when problems occur or an event is looming!  There are many dependable options including:

  • Automatic chlorine generation from ordinary table salt added to your pool's water
  • Automated chlorine level measuring and dispensing
  • pH monitoring and chemical injection
  • Hardware and software solutions for monitoring, adjusting and reporting
  • Alternative treatment systems such as exposing your water to concentrated ultraviolet (UV) light, ozone injection and the substitution of other oxidizing/sanitizing chemicals for halogens (chlorine and bromine) can be used in various combinations

These systems operate in conjunction with your pool's pump and filter to optimize water quality.  Consider that producing chlorine, on-site, from salt is inexpensive, renewable and requires less resources than manufacturing, transporting and storing commercial chlorine compounds that most of us repeatedly purchase, transport and store as well.  Moreover, all of this activity produces packaging waste and emissions.

The initial and on-going cost of many of these systems may never actually "pay for themselves" (but some do!).  In those instances, the primary benefits will be in time savings and proper water chemistry.

Energy-efficient Heating Systems

Heating an open body of water is extremely inefficient, especially without the use of an insulating blanket when the pool/spa is not in use or windy, and overnight.  Also, some heating methods rely on more sustainable or cleaner energy than others and the costs to install each vary greatly depending on your usage requirements, utility infrastructure, local codes and pool setting.  Options include:

  • Solar heating systems (renewable energy)

  • Hi-efficiency electric heat pumps (zero emissions)

  • High-efficiency gas heaters (natural gas and propane)

  • Cover Systems include those that passively raise water temperature, retain heat, reduce evaporation and increase safety.

Obsolete Equipment Removal 

Even when its turned off, unused equipment may be consuming energy or create maintenance costs or liability.  We can help you evaluate these potentials.


Specializing in Quality equipment replacements and upgrades; bonded & insured, Not a licensed contractor


a free energy & Chemical use audit!

Energy-efficient pool Pumps

Many existing pool pumps are over-sized, run at a constant (high) speed, produce higher levels of heat and noise, and cost a lot to operate.  We can evaluate the circulation, cleaning and treatment needs for your specific water environment and recommend and calibrate the perfect solution incorporating: 

  • Variable-speed and -flow models available

  • Variable Frequency Drives

  • Two-speed motors

  • Right-sizing

These systems are initially more expensive than traditional ones but the time period to re-coup your investment is often less than a couple of years (especially if you needed a new pump any way).  Then, the savings are enjoyed year after year!  For more information, please watch the APS' video below (please note that APS's current rebate is $150 and SRP's is $100; these are expected to be available throughout 2015):


Are you spending money on a pool you just don't use or want any longer?  We can help you fill it in, remove the equipment and make the space available for a new use.

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Your time and money are important resources.  There are several ways we can help you save both while also making residential or commercial pool operation and maintenance more eco-friendly.  At Phoenix Pool Equipment Services, sustainability, innovation and technology are as high of priorities as sparkling water and safety.  Also, several of our services enable you to take advantage of APS and SRP rebate programs and/or federal/state tax credits!