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So, why a company that specializes in pool equipment?  In the swimming pool/aquatics industry, there are primarily licensed contracting firms that design and build residential pools and unlicensed service companies that clean  these and add chemicals on a weekly basis.  A few of each type also serve the commercial pool market and tackle remodeling projects while some retail pool supply chains and shops sell and/or repair equipment.  In particular, service- and retail-sector staff often lack industry experience and commitment.

Few of these pool businesses have a desire or ability to focus on equipment specification and installation exclusively.  This is where Phoenix Pool Equipment Services comes in: as pool equipment has became more sophisticated, a need for greater specialization has occurred.

What kind of knowledge is required to be in this business?  It may seem like a pretty simple undertaking but there is a variety of expertise involved including an understanding of hydraulics, the plumbing and electrical trades, water chemistry and treatment, construction methods and codes, regulations, sustainability, and technology.  "Back in the day," pool equipment options and capabilities were limited such that minimal expertise and thought were invested in specifying and maintaining it.  Going forward, a  greater emphasis will be required to balance costs and benefits in an era of increasing innovation, rising energy costs and an emphasis on resource conservation.

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Frequently asked questions

Does PPES offer free estimates?  Yes, we also provide free on-site evaluations between now and March 15, 2015; see our Specials page for more details.   

How does PPES keep costs low?   To reduce the expenses of one or more storefronts (including utility, insurance and maintenance costs), PPES operates out of our owner's NE Phoenix residence and relies on  the large inventory of several pool-specialty wholesale warehouses throughout the Valley.  PPES can get you exactly what you need at low prices and our service rates are competitive as well.

How does PPES's service compare to pool and big box stores?  For starters, we come to you...no store hours or lines to deal with. Because we are on-site, we can offer specific solutions based on your situation.  Whether you want to purchase equipment, parts, accessories or chemicals, or require installation or other services, we have everything you need!  

Does PPES perform water testing?   Yes.  We obtain the provide instant results on fresh samples.  This method provides more accurate information compared to  taking your sample to a store for delayed testing.  We will explain what the results indicate and also can teach you how to test your pool's water properly.

Can PPES assist a Do-It-Yourselfer?  Most definitely! We can sell you whatever equipment or supplies you need and explain what you'll need to do to successfully complete your project.

Does PPES deliver?   Yes, and its free with purchases over $250 until March 31, 2015.  The cost for all other deliveries depends on your location. 

Is PPES committed to environmental safety and sustainability?   Absolutely, in fact, most of our deliveries and many of our service calls are made using an all-electric (zero-emission) vehicle.  In addition, we can help you identify energy- and water-conserving  equipment and measures for your pool.

If I need a new pump or filter for example, is it more affordable to repair or replace equipment?   Often, the labor and parts needed to repair existing equipment can approach the cost of a replacement so new equipment is often more affordable to operate and a better investment In the long run.  Also, Valley pool builders have offered a plethora of "state-of the art" gadgets over the years which may not be manufactured or supported any longer and many are so ineffective or expensive to maintain that we are asked to remove them altogether!

What are your service rates?  PPES doesn't charge for trips or minimums like many others do; instead we provide you with a cost up-front so there are no surprises or add-ons.

Does PPES sell or service manufactured (above-ground) spas, solar heating systems or automatic pool covers? No. We can refer you to other that do though!

Does PPES build new or remodel existing pools? No. Instead, we specialize in equipment replacement and upgrades.

Does PPES provide weekly chemical/cleaning services? No. However, we do provide vacation (short-term), emergency, special event and green pool services.

What is the best pump for my pool?  There are a number of factors to consider...let us assist you in finding the right one for your application!

What is the best filter for my pool?  Diatomaceous Earth filters remove the smallest particles suspended in pool water. However, a sand or cartridge filter may be best for your site and we can help you determine which type is best overall.

What is the best cleaning system for my pool?  With so many to choose from, it can be confusing...let us evaluate your pool's circulation system and surroundings to base a sound recommendation on.

Should I install/keep a chlorine generator on my pool?  There are several trade-offs to consider but some think that it's easier to just buy chlorine compounds for use as they need them and is cheaper over the long run.  A system's electrolytic cell does require occasional maintenance and will have to be replaced in 3 years on average.  On the other hand, there are many benefits to a salt-based system: please see our Savings and Sustainability page for more information.

What are your warranties?  The  manufacturers of the equipment we sell offer specific warranties ranging from 90 days to 3 years.  In addition, PPES generally warrants our workmanship for two years.  Fuller details are included in our estimates and you will receive  all the documentation in writing.