we sell top-quality aquatic industry brands including:

Phoenix Pool Equipment Services sells and services most brands of pool equipment installed by various swimming pool contractors. Whether commercial or residential, outdoor or indoor swimming pools, spas and water features, we have the experience, training and tools to determine the right equipment for your application.  Phoenix Pool Equipment Services has the right pump and can also help you explore whether any of the latest energy-efficient options and other technological innovations are right for you.  Call today for your free evaluation and estimate! 


Circulation (single, two and variable speed)


Water feature 

Motors (120 and 240 volts) 

Spa therapy blower motors


Diatomaceous earth (DE)



DE separation tanks

Backwash valves

Backwash hose/lines

Sight glasses

Cleaning Systems

Pool Vac/Navigator

Kreepy Krauly Cruiser

 The Rebel

The Pool Cleaner

Others as requested

Water Treatment Systems

Sanitizing systems including:

  • Salt-to-chlorine
  • Ultra-violet
  • Ozone
  • Peristaltic feeders

Automation systems

Electronic equipment system controllers

Auto valve actuators

Auto water levelers

Auto backwash systems

Mechanical time clocks

Phoenix Pool Equipment Services has the right Pump


Specializing in Quality equipment replacements and upgrades; bonded & insured, Not a licensed contractor

Valves, Gauges & Fittings

Diverter (two- and three-way), ball and gate 

Water fill valves and lids

Pressure and flow gauges

Outlet covers (drain) and return inlets ("eyeballs")

Backflow prevention assemblies


Bulbs, cords, lenses (clear and color filters)

Fiber optic lenses, runs and illuminators

Landscape lighting and low-voltage transformers

Deck and Rail Goods

Entry rails and swim ladders in various finishes

Fabric rail covers

Manufactured diving boards and slides

Depth marker and other tiles

Handicap person lift/hoist systems 

Aquatic Competition

Starting platforms

Floating swim lane markers

Lane marker storage reels

Pool Games and Exercise 

Basketball game sets

Volleyball game sets

Stationary resistance swimming systems 


Gas heaters (natural and propane)

Electric heat pumps

Solar (bubble) covers

Cover reel  systems


Telescopic poles and pole hangers

Leaf skimmers and brushes

Vacuum heads and hoses

Thermometers and chlorine tablet floaters

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know ? 

APS & SRP Has rebates on new energy-efficient pool pumps